this has never happened to me

A few things are taken for granted in my life. One is that I can usually find a way to appreciate any yarn. I mean this, too...for me, there is a purpose for all yarn (even Red Heart, yes, Red Heart). Sock yarn, especially- I mean, how can you go wrong with a pair of socks? Socks are usually the outlet for my crazy-colored-yarn fetish- it is less realistic to knit an entire sweater out of loud, self-striping yarn than it is to knit a pair of bright socks to warm up your feet in January winters.

That said: this yarn is ugly.

I just can't get over it, so I'm going to set them aside for a while. I have pink socks to work on anyway...plus, I'm falling into my rut of knitting socks instead of coming up with my own ideas or finishing larger projects that I have on the needles. It's a problem. Thoughts? Maybe I'm overreacting.


  1. haha, I thought the pair of socks my mom was making out of the neon green colorway of that same yarn were kind of ugly, so she made them for her friend instead of me. Maybe "ugly" is kind of harsh. Maybe it could look good with a solid in a pattern like this: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/simple-stripes-fair-isle-socks
    Pat made a pair of fair isle socks using a solid and striping yarn, and they looked pretty cool (I'm pretty positive this isn't the pattern she used, but it was the first one that popped up on ravelry that fit what I was talking about).

  2. The term 'ugly' does come to my mind. Looking at it makes me think of the saying: Life is LONG, especially if you make bad decisions! I imagine making two whole socks out of it might be quite draining.

    Now that yarn would be good for some cool knit graphetti! : )

  3. Um, make that GRAFFITI...I need sleep. Ugh.

  4. Well I knit a little more of them, and once some more colors come in it makes it look better. I might try the fair isle sock like Annie suggested; I was just so disappointed! It looked so promising in the skein!!!

  5. WOW I just spent the three funniest hours of my entire life on http://xkcd.com/