all things go

Thought I would squeeze in one quick blog post to end September...and with it, a knitting challenge...I'm traveling to Chicago this weekend (reference the song in this post's tags) and this baby gift needs to be finished ASAP. I've got the back and one half of a cardigan front done, all I have to do are the sleeves and another front (although this one will be a little slower, it's the band I have to place buttons in).

I'm using an all-acrylic yarn from Berroco called Comfort. I'm usually anti-acrylic, but this one knits up really softly and isn't too snaggy- my only issue is that the ends tend to get tangled around the working yarn and can be nearly impossible to separate. Otherwise, it's a lovely yarn...a good value, good wear, and it's machine wash and dry!

Check out those buttons...I'm in love. Little yellow fish!


more and more and more and more

Good news or bad news first? Well...bad news is that I totally failed to keep up with KNITERARY CLUB through September. The good news is that I'm finally knitting again, and even better, I've finished something! Two things!

In all honesty, I should have finished the above project much sooner...I mean, come on, it's knit on size 17 needles! The diamond pattern was an easy 4-row repeat that I somehow managed to botch at least once a day. I had yarn left over (especially when I ripped out the sleeves of the sweater this was originally meant to be), so I made a hat. The hat is really simple, too...knit flat with a seam in the back. I originally thought I should imitate the diamond pattern in the hat too, but opted not to- when I started the hat I was at knitting group and was being a huge ditz and couldn't concentrate on complicated designing. (Unfortunately this seems to be the direction of my entire life at the moment, sigh.)

How many scarves do you really need? Probably not as many as I have...but I really can't wait to wear this out when it starts to get chillier (not toooo soon, I hope).

Also: I went yarn shopping and bought yarn for 3 projects! There should be no excuse for me from now on, the blog is back. I promise this time!


all the cities at the break of dawn

Well, by now you've probably noticed that the blog has been on quite a long hiatus. It was a hectic month, so I decided to declare a vacation for the month of August (unannounced, naturally) and come back in September with more ideas, better ideas, etc.

Pictured above is my newest project. I bought this yarn (Cascade Magnum) intending to knit a Twinkle sweater with it. The sweater wasn't turning out like I wanted, so I ripped it out and decided that the yarn needed a new beginning. The Twinkle book has a cute scarf in it, so I picked that as its second incarnation. As you would expect, the knitting goes really fast. I seem to have a mental block about even simple yarnovers, so I kept missing them. This set me back a little, but I whipped up about a foot in half an hour. I think instant gratification is the solution for frustrated knitters!

I'm going to adapt a variation on this pattern for a hat I'm working on...which you'll see soon!

Thank you for reading, and happy September!