a silhouette in dreams

My experience knitting baby clothes is extremely limited- I've not had the chance to knit that many garments, and I think this sweater is about my fourth career baby garment.

This is actually the second time I've knit this sweater, but it's been years since the last one. I love how it's a unisex style, looks nice and cozy, and is interesting but not crazy to knit. You're supposed to use an aran weight yarn, but of course I couldn't find one that was affordable/washable, so I decided that gauge didn't really matter and held two strands of Berroco Vintage DK together. It worked out perfectly!

The buttons (naturally) are my favorite part. It seems like I can't knit a baby sweater without button drama, so it came as no surprise that I would need an additional button. Why on earth would I have bought an extra? Sigh, we never learn. Again, luck was on my side and I was able to get an extra at the yarn shop...which is good, because these buttons worked perfectly and provided all the right kinds of contrast. Hooray, my first finished knitting project in months!