a perfect day- before you know, it's gone

The hardest part about this time of year is that I can't blog about anything I'm currently knitting...just things I have knitted. The months before Christmas are always dedicated to gift knitting, sometimes extending precariously late into Christmas Eve. (I really hope that's not the scenario this year...I've employed all my planning skills to avoid this.) The upside is, though, that I get to post about the above-mentioned gifts as soon as they are given!

Instead, you get a project that was actually finished way back in September. This is the Twin Cowl, so named as a joke (you know who you are) and because you can make two cowls (at least) out of the yarn. I used Rowan Big Wool because I wanted something nice, and the minute I saw the colors I knew they were perfect for what (and who) I had in mind.

Here's how you do it:

-Get a bunch of chunky yarn. The bigger the better! I used five colors, but you could use less.
-Get the biggest needles you can find.
-Cast on an odd number of stitches...on size 17 needles, I used 51 stitches. You want it to be about 20" wide (in rib), so make sure you have enough.
-Work in K1, P1 ribbing for 3" or so.
-Change color. Work 3", still in ribbing.
-Repeat above as many times as you want the cowl to be long. By the above calculations, mine's about 15" long, which gives you plenty of space for scrunchy, funky, snuggly, and fashionable impact.
-Cast off in ribbing.

You could knit this in the round if you felt so inclined, but I didn't have circular needles (at least size 17s) that were short enough. I kind of liked the idea of seaming it, though...but do what you'd prefer.

Also notable: the blog will hopefully return to more regular posting. I know I've promised this before and it's fine if you don't believe me, but I graduate in less than a month and all the big projects are behind me! Now I just need to learn how to find a happy balance between knitting and making oboe reeds...