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A quick post with a sock-yarn-multi-yarn-scarf-knitting news update. Or something. (Excuse me, I've had quite a lot of coffee.) I finally settled on a yarn combination...originally I had tried to highlight that neon green you see at the forefront, but it turns out that less is more- the chartreuse yarn I had chosen as an accent turned out to be completely overwhelming (and kind of ugly). I also abandoned the giant needles I'd been trying to use...13s were just not working. So Caitlin invents(ish) again! 10 1/2s, alpaca sock yarn and Habu steel wool yarn with a bit of Louisa Harding Jasmine (sparkly!) thrown in. 150-some stitches, knit a row with one, knit a row with the other, toss in Jasmine occasionally. Drink lots of coffee, knit faster!

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