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So I fear that my knitting is about to become very one-note. When I first started knitting, I declared that I hated knitting socks and it was terrible and I would never do it. I couldn't understand why people were obsessed with them, why they knit dozens of pairs, happily, at breakneck speeds. People would come into the shop and clear out new orders of sock yarn like they were never going to see or buy yarn again.

I don't quite remember what tipped the scales for me. Since this blog exists to put (and keep) records straight, I'll say that I think it was a particular yarn, Mountain Colors, that came in really exquisite colorways. Being entirely unable to pick just one nor able to justify buying a bunch of different single skeins for my sole use (ha!) I decided I would once again try to make socks, this time for every member of my family. You really can justify your way into anything with knitting. The more delusional the better.

I'm also relatively sure that I decided I hated the traditional heel gusset. I still kind of do, but I have this pattern committed to memory and so it's easiest to stick to what I can remember. Anyway, back to the beginning- for those socks, my second (and third and fourth) attempts at knitting them, I used contrast yarn for afterthought heels and toes and had them all cranked out by Christmas. Everyone in my family reacted with enthusiasm that only family can have for hand-knitted gifts, but particularly my Dad. He is infamous for being hard to give gifts to, especially if they're knits- won't wear scarves, gloves, or hats. He'll wear sweaters but I couldn't/can't knit him a sweater a year. So, as you can see, my sock obsession started from a good place: to make gifts for my Dad.

So here are his Father's Day socks, my tried-and-true pattern. Most of the socks I knit still go to my Dad, but my love of bright colors (and his aversion to said colors) forced me to branch out and knit more socks for me and for other members of my family. We recently traveled to Alberta, Canada and visited a lovely little yarn shop there, where of course I made a significant contribution to the local economy and got enough yarn for another four pairs of socks. So...Kniterary Club is becoming all socks, all the time! For the near future, at least.

Come to think of it, I think my skein of yarn from that first crazy yarn-buying craze is still stashed away, waiting to be knit...

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