the stars that give you vertigo

A very simple post: socks! This is yarn that I dyed as a demo during one of my sock-dyeing classes...I believe it was years ago, when I was still in Minnesota. This yarn traveled around with me, and I just never quite got around to doing anything with it. I finally started these months and months ago, just before the great knitting block of 2011. These are simple socks, with the 1x1 ribbing continued down the foot for a better fit.

Though I never thought I'd get them done in time for fall...sometimes I surprise myself. Now I'm project-less, but have some new yarn that I'm pretty anxious to dig into. The cool weather certainly helps!


  1. When I was a kid, I would pretend that the cedar "pinecones" were like precious gems, I would try to make jewelry out of them. Which didn't work. I bet there are still remnants, though, stashed in little boxes or old yogurt containers in my room. I also made like they were tiny flowers, for fairies in winter or something like that, I guess... my memories on this point are vague.

    In summary, good photo shoot location! And nice socks.

  2. oh my gosh, annie- i am OBSESSED with pinecones. and these little cedar cones! if you want any of these, they're on our front porch. i'll share! :)